Hints and Tips for Eating with an Ileostomy

Because you now have an ileostomy you do not have to change your eating habits. You may now be able to eat foods you were having trouble with prior to surgery. Each person is an individual and will react to each food type in their  own way. It is important that you have a well [...]

Hints and tips for eating with a Colostomy

REDUCING gas / wind production Eat your food slowly, chew with the mouth closed and avoid gulping your food Eating too much food at one time adds to discomfort Eat regular meals, as skipping meals is more likely to increase gas production Foods that may CAUSE gas / wind [...]

Food, fluids and electrolyte balance for the person with an ileostomy

Ileostomy diet, fluids, output and medications You do not need a high fibre diet when you have an ileostomy You do need more water and other fluids than you did before You may need to have smaller, more frequent meals You will need to chew your food well You will need to increase your [...]

Hydration for Ostomates

The summer months are here and, whilst it is a great time of year with lots of fun, frivolity and relaxation, there are also some important considerations for Ostomates in staying healthy during this time. And one of them is to remain hydrated during the warmer weather. Hydration is very important for Ostomates, muchmore so than [...]