Visiting Australia?

While Ostomates visiting Australia should ensure they bring sufficient ostomy supplies with them to cover their expected needs while in Australia, emergency supplies may be obtained from any Australian Stoma Association if required.
Visiting ostomates fall into two categories:

  • Those from countries with reciprocal health agreements with Australia. These countries are Finland, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Malta, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Slovenia and Belgium.
  • Those from other countries

Visitors from countries with reciprocal health agreements, and who have registered with and been accepted by Medicare Australia , may be eligible for normal benefits, including the subsidised issue of approved stoma supplies from any member of association of The Australian Council Of Stoma Associations. They will be required to become temporary members of that Association and pay the appropriate membership fee.

The Australian Government publishes information about Australian Reciprocal Health Care Agreements. Visitors from these countries who have not obtained a temporary Medicare card, and visitors from all other countries may, at the discretion of an individual Association, purchase supplies from that Association at a price determined by that Association.
NOTE:The range of ostomy products held in stock by individual Associations varies and visitors should, if at all possible, provide advance notice of any supplies required.