Application process and initial order

Step 1

Register for the Stoma Appliance Scheme

Once you have had ostomy surgery, your Stomal Therapy Nurse will assist you to register as a participant in the Stoma Appliance Scheme (SAS), subject to you meeting the eligibility criteria). Your Stomal Therapy Nurse will ask you to complete Part 1 of a Stoma Appliance Scheme Application (PB049) . Your Stomal Therapy Nurse will then complete part 2 to confirm your eligibility.

Step 2

Apply for membership at a registered Stoma Association

To obtain products through the SAS, a SAS participant must be a member of an approved stoma association of their choice.  Your Stomal Therapy Nurse will usually assist you with becoming a member of an association of your choice. Otherwise, download an application form from the associations website, or contact the association to obtain a hard copy of their Application Form.

Step 3

Submit documentation and your first order to your chosen Stoma Association

Your Stomal Therapy Nurse will assist you to select ostomy products from the list of products available on the SAS Schedule.  The products will be those your Stomal Therapy Nurse has determined are necessary for you to manage your ostomy. This list of products will be become your initial order.

Submit your:

  • Stoma Appliance Scheme Application (Part 1 and Part 2 to be completed)
  • Stoma Association Membership Application,
  • Medicare card and concession card (if applicable), and
  • Initial order

to your chosen Stoma Association. Make sure that you include payment (access fees, membership fees and postage payment if applicable) to ensure that your application is processed as quickly as possible.